The break

The break

It's been a while.. My blog has been on hold, because I've been so busy for so many directions. First 6 months of the year 2016 have been amazing. The professional side of mine has experienced such a growth, energy and almost prof. explosions during these months..

I want to keep it short now and just to tell that I got two new jobs during first four months of this year. The first job I got is in the University of Helsinki as a PhD researcher. I'm a Project Manager for our Engaging Working Culture -Project (such a cool Project, people and really something in my heart. I will write about that one later on).

Engaging Working Culture- team lunch in Tallinn

PhD in the air

I'm also doing my PhD studies (Education psychology) in the university of Helsinki. I got permisson for postgraduate studies on April. Quite amazing! I'm so proud and thankfull for this opportunity. It was such a hard work with my research plan in March but hard work pays  always back. I will also write about our group "Becomers" later on. 

It's been such a journey already to work with people in our research group. I really love to collaborate and be creative with these amazing persons and I'm always willing to learn more. I really don't know much, but I keep going on to learn more. Having that kind of flow..that's the feeling you never can't buy with money. You just have to have enthusiasm and you have to also work to achieve that feeling.

Back in business

What comes to my other job, I'm really proud to say that I'm back in business! I'm a Regional Manager for Scandinavia in a company called CTOUCH. We are producer of really cool interactive screens for classrooms and meeting rooms. CTOUCH is a Dutch company, based in Eindhoven Holland. I'm working in Finland and also traveling all around Scandinavia and Holland to be able take care of sales in Scandinavia. I'm really happy to work with these nice people and I'm also happy to have such a great customer. Thank you all, hugs and kisses! That's really something.. To do business with people you really like to spend your time with * privileged*.

CTOUCH international partner meeting. They all are superheroes!

But hey, what comes to a great customer service and customer experience, this all is still close to my heart. I want to write about excellent customer experiences and share some lessons to learn about this phenomena.  That's why I want to first, after quite long break, write about our amazing foodtour experience in Stockholm. Have you ever heard about foodtours? Almost every, at least every capital city have those tasteful tours to learn about local food, culture and history.

Food tour in Stockholm

So lately we had such an amazing food tour in Stockholm. At a food tour you can easily dive in to a food/restaurant culture in the city you are at the moment and get closer insight to flavours, places and atmosphere near by you. This tour ( 7 pit stops) was held by Food Tours Stockholm . If you like to get to know Scandinavian and Swedish restaurants and learn a lot about amazing Scandinavian flavours in Stockholm, this is the company I recommend.

Henna, me, Michael and Jackie

It was almost magical. There were all of us. People from US, Australia, Italy, Portugal and many other countries; different nationalities, bloggers all around the world, sitting at the same table restaurant after restaurant. I felt so blessed to be there and having those wonderful people around me, sharing the meals and experiences in different locations. I will write about this with yummy pictures later on. The best of all, I was able to get this great experience with one of my good friends; Henna. I'm blessed to have friends like you, thanks love <3

Will be back soon !

Me and Henna in Stockholm

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